Your donation to YWCA Missoula helps us end domestic and sexual violence, change the lives of unhoused families, and transform the community so that all people have peace, justice, freedom and dignity. Any donation of $35 or more gives you an individual year-long membership to YWCA Missoula Secret Seconds and makes you eligible for 20% off at all stores.

Become a Monthly Donor

Monthly giving is an easy and affordable way to provide critical support to our programs and the families we serve. Even a gift of just $10 per month adds up to have a big impact. 

Select the “give monthly” option under “How often?” and choose the amount you want to give each month.

Other Ways to Give

Stocks or Appreciated Securities
Rather than cash, many supporters are choosing to donate their appreciated stock directly to us because it allows you to supercharge our work to eliminate racism and empower women — at less of a cost to you. Donating stocks allows you to avoid capital gains tax and often take a charitable deduction for the full value of the asset.

Please note: When you donate stock, please use this secure stock donation tool so we can track your gift, send you the correct receipt, and you can get the tax savings you deserve.

IRA Gifts
If you are 70.5 or older, IRA gifts are a powerful way to support YWCA Missoula and possibly reduce your future tax burden. If you are subject to Required Minimum Distributions, making a QCD allows you to meet your RMD without increasing your taxable income!

With this secure online tool you can save time filling out all the necessary forms from your IRA custodian — or print out what you need to get started.

Donor-Advised Funds
Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are investment accounts for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations. By recommending a grant from your DAF to YWCA Missoula, you can help us promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all — with funds you already have set aside.

This quick and secure online tool from our partner, FreeWill, integrates with your DAF custodian and helps you recommend a grant in just a few minutes. It also saves us a lot of time, so thank you!

We now accept donations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies! When you donate your crypto to YWCA Missoula, there’s no capital gains tax to pay, meaning a larger impact on our work today. Donating your crypto in support of YWCA may also allow you to receive a federal tax deduction against your income tax for the full value of the gift.

This secure online donation tool has no transaction fee, meaning 100% of your crypto gift will go toward supporting us!


If you have questions about any of our giving programs, please email Julie Maturen or call (406) 543-6691.

Make a Planned Gift

By making a bequest to YWCA Missoula, a gift in your will or living trust, ensures future funding for mission to eliminate racism and empower women. Add YWCA Missoula to your existing will or trust or write a will for free online and create a bequest with our partner, FreeWill.