Purchase a YWCA + MIC License Plate and Support Missoula Families

March 11, 2024

Join us in making a difference in our community by purchasing a YWCA Missoula + MIC Family Housing Center license plate. Your support directly benefits unhoused families in Missoula, providing them with essential services and support. Last year alone, 303 families, including 575 children, accessed shelter or other assistance at the Family Housing Center.

With its simple, starry mountain design, the YWCA + MIC plate represents your commitment to investing in families, children, and the well-being of our community, affirming that everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

How it Works:

  • You can get your new plate anytime! There’s no need to wait for your registration renewal cycle.
  • Go to your county treasurer’s office (located inside the courthouse at 200 W. Broadway for Missoula residents) to purchase your YWCA + MIC plate.
  • You’ll pay your normal registration or renewal fees plus $60 ($30 goes to the State, and $30 is donated to the Family Housing Center). If you choose to purchase the plate before your regular registration renewal cycle, MVD will adjust the fees accordingly.
  • Once you have your plate, future renewals will only require payment of your regular renewal fees plus $30, with the full $30 donated to the Family Housing Center.

Take action today and support Missoula families!

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